About Us

Royal Pacific Petroleum

A Leading Independent Supplier of Aviation Fuel and Services

Royal Pacific Petroleum is a leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and services. Since the early 1990’s Royal Pacific Petroleum has provided consistent quality service to Airlines, FBOs, Helicopter Companies, Governments, Airports, Heli-Logging, Float plane Operators, Forest Fire fighting operations. From our base at Vancouver International Airport we provide into-plane services to Airlines. Royal Pacific Petroleum is focused exclusively on aviation

We are available 24 hours a day, every day. We deliver on time and on schedule to even the most difficult-to-reach, remote locations throughout Western Canada. All of our refueling trucks and highway transport trailers are owned and operated by Royal Pacific and used exclusively for aviation products.
All our staff are experienced aviation refueling professionals, trained and industry certified in aviation refueling, aircraft operations, quality control and safety.