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Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel comes in a variety of grade designators, here are the common civilian and military grades in use today. Jet-A - a narrow cut kerosene product. This is the standard commercial and general aviation grade available in the United States. It usually contains no additives but may be additized with a anti-icing chemicals. Jet-A1 - is identical to Jet-A with the exception of freeze-point. Used outside the US and is the fuel of choice for long haul flights where the fuel temperature may fall to near the freeze point. Often contains a static dissipator additive. Jet-B - is a wide cut kerosene with lighter gasoline type naphtha components. Used widely in Canada, contains static dissipator and has a very low flash point. JP-4 is a military designation like Jet-B but contains a full additive package including corrosion inhibitor, anti-icing and static dissipator was the primary fuel of the United States Air Force for decades but is being phased out in favor of JP-8. JP-5 is another military fuel. It has a higher flash point (140 F min.) and was designed for use by the USNavy on board aircraft carriers. It contains anti-ice and corrosion inhibitors. JP-8 is like Jet-Al with a full additive package. The USAF plans conversion to this product by the year 2000.

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