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Crude Oil Yield

A barrel of crude oil (42 US Gallons) will yield slightly more than 44 gallons of finished refinery products. This is due to the reduction in density of many crude components during processing. Here is the break-down from a "typical" barrel of oil.

Finished Motor Gasoline 19.5 gallons  
Distillate Fuel Oil 8.61 gallons  
Jet Fuel 4.20 gallons  
Residual Fuel Oil 2.77 gallons  
Petroleum Coke 1.60 gallons  
Ashphalt and road oils 1.39 gallons  
Liquified Gases 1.43 gallons  
Petrochemical feedstocks 1.22 gallons  
Miscellaneous 2.98 gallons  
Finished Aviation Gasoline 0.08 gallons  
Kerosene 0.25 gallons